Colorful Balloons

HeyDay Entertainment Ltd was founded in 2022 with the mission of bringing fun all across the North East of Scotland. Our goal is to ensure EVERYONE (yes everyone) who attends your party goes home and remembers it, I mean let's face it, no one wants their party forgotten about in 2 weeks. Whether that be; A Birthday party, a wedding, or anything else in between, we know we can inject that life into your big day.



Just picture the excitement on their face.

Coming Soon Neon Light



Who doesn't love a bouncy castle? That's the real question here & you already know the answer to that question... 
Absolutely no one!
There's countless options, bouncing for 1, maybe a flip if you're feeling brave.
So don't wait around, let us bring the fun to you!



How many times, as a parent have you been subjected to a barrage of footballs being pinged your way, as well as the occasional smashed window?

If you, or your child loves football & this sounds all too familiar then the shootout is the one for you. 

SIZE: 3.6Mx3.6Mx3.6M




While we may not be able to bring the booze to you, we can bring the next best thing. The pub!

Ok, while a pub is technically made by the booze sold in it, that's where you step in! We bring the premises, you bring the alcohol. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

Now imagine the morning after, you wake up, hungover, thinking what a mess I've got to clean up. Worry no more! Because we clean up after ourselves, meaning you can stay in bed & feel rough as long as you like.


SIZE: 6M length, 5M width, 5M tall

It's big.



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