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YES, it's boring. But needs must. 

Read if you really must...

01) The inflatable will be as best suited to the application as possible and this will be determined by us.

02) The inflatable and its components will remain the property of the suppliers at all times.

03) Once erected, the inflatable must not be moved, deflated or in any way tampered with without exclusive written permission of the suppliers.

04) You will remain liable for any damage to the inflatable and/or any of it's components and for any loss thereof, howsoever caused, whilst the inflatable is in your possession.

05) Strictly NO smoking inside or near inflatable.

Access to your site

Our inflatables come in all different sizes so please check the dimensions of your inflatable that your have hired, the dimensions of our inflatables are available on our bouncy castle prices page.

We need a minimum of 2 feet extra space down the sides of the castle for pegging and 4 feet to the rear of the castle for the fan and 4 feet at the front for safety mats. all these need to be added to the inflatable sizes listed.

There cannot be any over hanging trees or bushes near these space where you intend to site the inflatable this is to avoid damaging the roof or sides of the inflatable. If you are unsure please contact us for advice.

Please make sure the ground is clear, level and free from sharp objects and animal foul.

PLEASE NOTE, we only do outdoor hire on real grass, hard standing or fake grass is a NO NO from us.

Sand bag weighting is only available for inside hall hires only.

Poor Weather condition

There may be times when extreme weather condition like wind, rain, that can make it unsafe for us to put inflatables out. if we make the decision to withdraw the hire due to these reason, we will try to offer you a alternative date subject to availability.

You must be 18 years + to make a booking on the site.

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